Title Description
Categoría de la práctica Environmental protection and conservation
Autor de la práctica Will Dennis and Jeff Noh
País / EU / Todo el mundo Worldwide
Breve descripción Spinlister is an online platform as well as an app for renting or borrowing bikes from private owners.
Descripción larga Spinlister is an app and online platform, which aims at connecting tourists with bike owners. The bikes can either be rented or borrowed, depending on the decision of the lender and they can be booked in advance thanks to the calendar of availability. It is innovative as it facilitates the search for bike rentals and it makes bikes more accessible. It is the first step to popularise the use of bikes during, for instance, city breaks, instead of relying solely on cars, trains, buses. For those who decide to rent or borrow their bike, Spinlister offers protection options to ensure safety.
Tipo (plataforma online/ aplicación móvil) Mobile app and online platform
Grupo objetivo People who are in possession of a bike and are willing to put it up on rent as well as prospective clients who enjoy riding a bike.
Gratis / de pago Listing a bike is free of charge, however, to be able to rent a bike one needs to pay the amount that was agreed between the lender and the borrower. Apart from that, Spinlister takes 17.5% of the amount earned by the lender.
Necesidades de adaptación None
Página web Open web
Contacto hello@spinlister.com


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