Title Description
Practice Category/(ies) Sustainable business management; Promotion of local products; Promotion of sustainable rural development; Fostering social inclusion; Promotion and conservation of cultural heritage; Circular economy; Environmental protection and conservation.
Author of the Practice No particular author
Country/EU/Worldwide Worldwide
Short Description Blockchain as an efficient tool to support sustainable tourism development.
Long Description More in general the blockchain is mainly used to trace and certify data. In particular with the security of the IOT (Internet of things) where it improves the integrity of data and their confidentiality. This is to ensure that the files are not intercepted, read and/or manipulated. This traceability and certification can thus be applied to many areas. In tourism, the use of blockchain can lead to considerable innovation, an example is Futourist which is a platform for travel-loving creators to upload original content, leave reviews, and engage in other activities that would be beneficial to those considering a vacation – while being rewarded for their contributions. Most popular travel review sites do not have systems for directly compensating contributors, whose perspectives are immeasurably valuable. Their FTR coins are the means by which reviewers get paid for sharing their experiences and impressions. In general Blockchain can lead to more sustainable tourism through traceability of products and services and the possibility of innovative business models within the sustainable tourism industry.
Type (online platform/ mobile app) Other
Target Group Professionals
Free/To be paid for To be paid for
Adaptation Needs Blockchain is an interesting option for sustainable tourism professionals to explore when they looking at developing innovative tourism offers.
Website Open web Futourist
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