SMART & SUSTAINABLE Tourism Practices

In this section, you will find a collection of SMART and sustainable tourism practices, which show how digital tools can contribute to more sustainable businesses, organisations and destinations.  They also meet new labour market needs and future demands of employers and businesses. Have a look at local, regional, and national partners’ ecosystems and also learn about the development and promotion of more sustainable destinations worldwide.

You will understand the environmental, financial, social and cultural  impact of your choices in the tourism sector and learn to support a more resilient tourism economy.

SMART Practice Manual

Are you a professional, future professional or an educator in the tourism sector? The SMART Practice Manual has everything you are looking for! It will help you navigate the landscape of digital tools that contribute to smart and resilient tourism ecosystems and help accelerate the sustainable transition of professionals.

If you are a VET provider and or a training professional in the tourism sector, the Manual will support you in adapting curricula as well as understanding new skills needs and labour market demands.

Aiming to anticipate the skills needed and to offer tools that meet the new expectations within the sector, the Manual will include:

An introduction to the role of digital tools for advancing sustainable tourism

    • Available tools that contribute to more sustainable tourism destinations
    • Challenges with the development and/or use/roll out of the tools
    • Recommendations on how to assess one’s needs and select the right tools to reach objectives
    • Skills needs to link to digital tools and sustainability
    • Guidelines for educators

SMART Workshops

Join our local workshops to learn first-hand about the best practices and tools collected during the project. Together with experts and key players in the sector, we will explain how to best benefit from the tools and will guide you towards smart changes and more digital and sustainable business decisions, operations, and initiatives.

SMART Campaign for Digital and Sustainable Tourism Destinations

Do you want to know more about the project topic? On our website, you can find…

  • Infographic about digital tools in sustainable tourism.
  • Fact sheets/best practices.
  • SMART workshops.


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