Title Description
Practice Category/(ies) Promotion of local products
Author of the Practice Digilor
Country/EU/Worldwide France
Short Description Digital Terminal at Campsites that guides tourists to local offers.
Long Description Beyond the simple dissemination of information, the digital terminal helps guide customers and present the activities of a campsite. The touch screen can also give information about nearby recreation and points of interest. Installing an interactive kiosk at a campsite can be beneficial in many ways as it also allows destinations to guide tourists towards more sustainable tourism offers and activities. It can for example also provide information about healthy food options such as local producers, markets or restaurants prioritising local products or about local cultural or nature focussed activities. Strategically placed touch screens at campsites or other places can help raise tourists awareness about the availability of sustainable tourism experiences and activities that also benefit the destination. The touch screen offers considerable flexibility with regard to the messages that can be passed on to visitors and can also help to find out what travellers are looking for at a destination. As such the practice is very relevant for tourism professionals and DMOs, public authorities and policy makers.
Type (online platform/ mobile app) Online platform
Target Group Professionals
Free/To be paid for Free for end users
Adaptation Needs The platforms can be used to guide visitors and tourists towards more sustainable places, activities or experiences and for example towards ordering local products if they are on offer.
Website Open web
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