Title Description
Practice Category/(ies) Sustainable business management
Author of the Practice PARTNERS KA3 DIGITAL TOURISM project :
- INSIGNARE (Portugal)
- Coordinator of the Project and owner of Fátima Vocational Hospitality School
- ITE F.Scarpellini (Italy)
- Vocational Technical School
- CDEA (Spain)
- VET Higher Education College
- ACISO (Portugal)
- Business Association
- EGINA (Italy)
- SME specialized in R&D and mobilities
- Stichting Dutch Foundation of Innovation Welfare 2 Work (Netherlands)
- Social innovator on entrepreneurship, work and education, ‘work based learning’ expert
- EfVET (Belgium)
- VET providers European association
Country/EU/Worldwide Europe
Short Description The project established a job profile and curriculum of the course for a Digital Tourism Technician.
Long Description The digital development for tourism industry has become essential to gain competitive advantages and to shape their offer on the needs of the target audience. The partnership has worked on developing a new job profile, the Digital Tourism Thechnician qualification. The curriculum details the technological training modules and its learning outcomes, organised by learning units and sub units:
- 3 year course
- 3 to 4 EQF level
- Tourism and IT skills curricula
- Long term WBL in international companies
- ECVET credit system to simplify transparency

A tourism technician qualification implies to create, to develop, to promote and to sell online Tourism products, tangible or non-tangible, small or big, private or public. As part of the course, there is a learning unit titled 'to develop a responsible tourism policy' with a sub unit for sustainable tourism.
Type (online platform/ mobile app) Training Programme/Educational Offer
Target Group Educators
Free/To be paid for Free
Adaptation Needs There could be a stronger link to sustainable tourism
Website Open web Training modules
Contact -


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