Title Description
Practice Category/(ies) Promotion of sustainable rural development
Author of the Practice AnaDigit
Country/EU/Worldwide Greece
Short Description The topoguide Dirfys app is a digital guide for hiking and cycling in Dirfys and comes to assist the hiker in choosing the most suitable route, but also to guide him safely during the hike.
Long Description Dirfys, is the highest part of the Central Evia (second largest Greek island) mountain range. Its shape, which somewhat resembles a volcano, is very characteristic and in all seasons, but especially when there is snow, its steep conical shape is distinguishable from all of central Greece. Ιn the field, the app identifies the nearest route and actively navigates to it and then along it, with frequent messages to the user, and informs him of any photographic snapshots nearby. Finally, it instructs him to return to the route if he gets more than 20 m away from it. The application includes navigation, descriptions and photos for 24 hiking routes, 2 cycling routes, the 2 routes of the Dirfys Marathon mountain running race and 1 offroad route, spreading in the wider region of Central Evia. Each Route has a detailed description, photos and a Points of Interest table.

The hiking routes proposed by the app are short and longer hikes or mountaineering climbs, with a total length of 135 km.

You can see the available routes here: http://www.topoguide.gr/mountains/sterea_ellada/hiking_on_dirfys.php

The cartographic company AnaDigit, creator of the app, has previously published a detailed map at a scale of 1:25,000 for Dirfi, and has also published hundreds of hiking maps for all of Greece. To build the app and ensure maximum accuracy of the data, all routes in the area were walked in 2016 and 2018.

The app promotes hiking and eco friendly tourism as well as the beauties of a relatively unknown region. Both in the city and beyond, the apps feature walking tours, hiking tours, cycling tours, road maps, and cultural tours, as well as natural and archeological attractions also promoting local cultural heritage. The app is available on the app store for devices using Android and IOS.
Type (online platform/ mobile app) Mobile app
Target Group Professionals and educators
Free/To be paid for To be paid
Adaptation Needs Yes; similar applications can be developed in collaboration with developers and tourism professionals to promote local hiking paths and eco-friendly tourism.
Website Open web
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