Title Description
Practice Category/(ies) Promotion of local products; Circular economy.
Author of the Practice GO ZERO WASTE S.L
Country/EU/Worldwide Worldwide
Short Description Go Zero Waste App offers technological and environmental education solutions to enable Zero Waste living. Available for IOS and Android.
Long Description It´s a Spanish app that joins war against plastic. Go Zero Waste, from Barcelona, shows the bulk or zero waste stores that are close to you, wherever you go. Thus, when you are travelling and need to make the purchase, you can make sure that you do it in the most sustainable way. Its founders want to make life easier without plastic and they intend to eliminate the excuses of time or not knowing the city you are going to visit. The best way to create sustainable habits, inside and outside your locality. Besides facilitating more sustainable and local shopping, the app also has another functionality - to provide users with a series of challenges to help them build more sustainable consumption habits. As they carry them out, a counter marks the waste saved with their actions. For the businesses Go Zero Waste helps find greener ways to operate. They do it through custom plans and gamification. Today, the app includes more than 4000 stores in 35 countries.
Type (online platform/ mobile app) Mobile app
Target Group Professionals and educators
Free/To be paid for Free ; for businesses there are different price plans for custom activities.
Adaptation Needs None
Website Open web
Contact -


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