Title Description
Practice Category/(ies) Promotion of sustainable rural development
Author of the Practice The Association of Ecotourism in Spain
Country/EU/Worldwide Spain
Short Description An online platform promoting eco tourism in Spain
Long Description The Ecotourism Club in Spain is a pioneering initiative that offers sustainable ecotourism experiences, ensuring the valorisation of travellers' contribution to the local development and to the conservation of biodiversity in the protected areas they visit and in the tourist services they enjoy. The Ecotourism Club developed a web portal where you can find:
- Protected areas throughout Spain which stand out for their landscapes and for implementing a sustainable tourist plan.
- Professional and high quality accommodation and tourist service companies, which collaborate with protected areas, supporting conservation and local development.
- Experiences and various activities suitable for all ages and interests to enjoy while discovering the spaces (birdwatching, wild watching, hiking, cycling, cultural activities, local gastronomy, etc.)
- A natural selection for ecotourism practice where local actors are committed to promoting sustainable tourism and nature conservation areas.
- Updates about ecotourism.
Type (online platform/ mobile app) Online platform
Target Group Professionals and educators
Free/To be paid for Free
Adaptation Needs It covers just Spain.
Website Open web
Contact -


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