Title Description
Practice Category/(ies) Sustainable business management
Author of the Practice Tourmie
Country/EU/Worldwide Greece
Short Description Tourmie is an online concierge application which helps accommodation providers offer personalized services to their guests.
Long Description In order to improve visitor experience, Tourmie is constantly developing its network of partners from trusted service providers throughout Greece, so that every visitor can learn more about the place they are visiting, through various authentic local experiences. Instantly after booking a stay, Tourmie becomes the guest’s personal digital assistant, offering a personalised page with personalised suggestions. From that point, the guest can book services provided by the hotel in-house or outsourced (e.g car rental, taxi, activities and breakfast), check useful information about his / her stay (e.g check-in, arrival instructions and WiFi code) and finally, to solve any issues via live chat with the front desk or the host.

The practice contributes to sustainability by accelerating the digitalisation of the accomodation offer. Tourmie is a simple but yet powerful tool, which facilitates the collaboration between accommodation and service providers. Using Tourmie, accommodation providers have the opportunity to increase their income from travel service sales, while service providers can promote their services to new sales channels. The service helps accommodation providers manage visitor inquiries for travel services efficiently and with ease as well as payments and partnerships through detailed reports. Last but not least, both service and accommodation providers receive their agreed payments electronically and with transparency within 24h once a service is completed. The platform is user friendly and accessible online.
Type (online platform/ mobile app) Online platform
Target Group Professionals
Free/To be paid for To be paid
Adaptation Needs Tourmie can be adapted to every hotel, BnB owner, property manager and every travel business, such as car rental companies, transportation companies, and many others, who are interested in offering a unique experience to each of their guests, while expanding their business opportunities and getting more customers through outsourcing collaborations.
Website Open web
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